7 Video Innovations To Deliver Better Results for Higher Ed Admissions Marketing

Oct 2, 2020
Content Marketing


Welcome to Indigo Local Marketing, the go-to digital marketing agency specializing in Business and Consumer Services - Digital Marketing. In this article, we will explore 7 video innovations specifically designed to enhance your higher education admissions marketing efforts. As the competition for students continues to rise, it's crucial to adopt cutting-edge strategies to stand out from your competitors. Our team at Indigo Local Marketing is here to provide you with unique insights and actionable recommendations that can help you achieve better results.

1. Virtual 360° Campus Tours

One of the most powerful ways to engage prospective students is by offering them virtual 360° campus tours. Gone are the days when static images and brochures were enough to convey the essence of your institution. By leveraging immersive technology, you can provide an interactive experience that allows students to explore your campus at their convenience. Showcasing your facilities, classrooms, student accommodations, recreational areas, and more in a visually stunning way will not only captivate your audience but also give them a genuine feel for campus life.

2. Student Testimonials

Real-life experiences speak volumes when it comes to influencing prospective students. Incorporating student testimonials into your admissions marketing strategy can be a game-changer. Hearing directly from current students who have already chosen your institution can build trust and confidence in your offerings. You can create compelling video interviews with students from various programs, capturing their journeys, achievements, and the impact your institution has had on their lives. Testimonials add the human element to your marketing efforts and help viewers connect emotionally with your brand.

3. Faculty Spotlights

Highlighting your esteemed faculty members and their achievements can significantly boost your institution's credibility. By creating video profiles that showcase the expertise, research contributions, and teaching methodologies of your faculty, you not only attract potential students but also position your institution as a reputable educational establishment. Sharing faculty spotlights can provide a glimpse into the academic excellence offered, creating a compelling case for prospective students to choose your institution.

4. Alumni Success Stories

Showcasing the accomplishments of your alumni can serve as powerful inspiration for prospective students. By featuring successful alumni who have excelled in their careers, you demonstrate the quality of education and the opportunities your institution provides. Create videos that highlight alumni stories, their professional journeys, and how your institution played a vital role in shaping their success. By conveying the message that your institution fosters success, you increase the desirability of your programs and attract motivated students.

5. Interactive Explainer Videos

Complex programs and admission processes can often overwhelm potential students. Simplify the information by incorporating interactive explainer videos on your website. These videos can break down complex concepts, such as program requirements, application procedures, and financial aid options, making them easily understandable. By using engaging visuals, animations, and voiceovers, you can guide prospective students through the admissions journey, answering their questions and eliminating any confusion that may hinder their decision-making process.

6. Behind-the-Scenes Campus Life

Offering behind-the-scenes glimpses of campus life can help prospective students envision themselves as part of your vibrant community. Create videos that showcase student clubs, organizations, cultural events, and campus traditions. By capturing the energy and diversity of your campus, you appeal to students seeking a well-rounded educational experience. These videos can be shared on social media platforms, giving your institution greater visibility among your target audience.

7. Live Q&A Sessions

Engage directly with prospective students through live Q&A sessions live-streamed on platforms such as YouTube or Facebook. These sessions can be led by your admissions team or current students, answering queries related to academics, student life, campus facilities, and more. By providing real-time interactions, you create a sense of transparency, accessibility, and support. Prospective students can feel confident that they are making informed decisions about their higher education journey, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates.


With higher education admissions becoming increasingly competitive, leveraging video innovations can give your institution an edge. Indigo Local Marketing, the leading digital marketing agency, encourages you to adopt these 7 strategies to deliver better results for your admissions marketing efforts. Engage your audience with virtual 360° tours, student testimonials, faculty spotlights, alumni success stories, interactive explainer videos, behind-the-scenes campus life, and live Q&A sessions. By embracing these video innovations, you can establish your institution as the go-to choice for prospective students. Contact us at Indigo Local Marketing today and let our team of experts guide you towards achieving exceptional results in the higher education admissions landscape.